Food Safety

At Tomypak, we understand the importance of product quality and the effects it has on consumer safety. Therefore, we undertake significant measures and investments to ensure your end consumer is protected.

  • Food Safety System Certification (FSSC)
  • Complies to Global Food Safety, i.e. FDA, EU regulations, and other food acts
  • In line camera inspection to detect foreign matters

QA/QC Department

Consist of well qualified experience staff including, Technical Quality Manager, QC Chemists, QC Supervisors, QC Inspectors.

Daily Quality Checking for:

  • Incoming raw materials
  • In-process materials
  • Outgoing Finished Goods

QC Laboratory equipment are:

Equipment Purpose
1) Weighing Balance - To measure GSM of sample
2) Friction Tester - To measure Coefficient of Friction of the material
3) Hot Tack Tester - To measure sealing properties of material
4) Universal Tensile Tester - To measure mechanical properties of the material
5) Permatran-W 7 cells ( WVTR ) - To measure Water Vapor Transmission Rate of the material
6) Ox-Tran 7 Cells (OTR) - To measure Oxygen Transmission Rate of the material
7) Digital Thickness Gauge - To check thickness of film and laminated material
8) Gas Chromatography - To measure solvent retention of printed and laminated film
9) Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy - To analyse material composition

QC Daily Testing

  • Thickness

  • GSM

  • Appearance

  • Bond Strength

  • Seal Strength

  • Tensile

  • Hot Tack

  • Coefficient of Friction

  • Solvent Retention

  • Barrier for Oxygen and Moisture

  • Odour

  • Corona

  • Metal Adhesion