Safety For Working Environment

Sports & Recreation

Employees Safety

Tomypak Berhad being a major converter for flexible food packaging materials, an integral part of our company's culture is the social responsibility programs focused on the environment, employees and overall wellbeing of the company.

Our environmental efforts include
  • Energy Saving - Use of natural gas to replace electricity for energy & cost saving
  • Reuse of solvent – Waste ink is being distilled to extract the solvent for cleaning
  • Recycling indirect raw material whenever possible
  • Recycle Waste – Plastic waste is sold & recycled by our contractors to produce plastic straps & raffia strings

Sports and Recreation – Tomypak Sports Club
  • Foster closer bonds amongst employees through various sports activities
  • Sport Club Activities for employees to have fun and relax
  • Community Service Programs
  • Donations to welfare groups

Employee Safety
  • Through education, training, counseling or prevention programs to ensure a high level of safety awareness
  • Complying with statutory requirements, codes, guidelines and standards for occupational safety and health
  • Taking precautionary steps in design, construction and maintenance of all equipment and facilities to ensure a safe working environment for employees, visitors and our neighbourhood