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Excellent Governance


Corporate Governance

Committed to Excellence in Corporate Governance

At Tomypak Holdings Berhad, we are dedicated to the highest standards of corporate governance. We believe strong governance practices fuel smooth operations, sustainable growth, and value creation for all stakeholders.

Adherence to Best Practices:

Our Board of Directors has adopted and implemented the majority of the principles and practices outlined in the Malaysian Code of Corporate Governance 2021. This commitment is demonstrably reflected in our detailed Corporate Governance Report available on both our website and Bursa Malaysia’s website.

Beyond Compliance:

Our commitment extends beyond mere compliance. We actively embrace good corporate governance practices throughout our organisation, empowering all employees to uphold accountability and transparency.

Enhancing Governance Framework:

We continually evolve our governance structure to meet the needs of our stakeholders. We actively take into account recommendations from regulatory authorities and proactively address the interests of all parties involved.

Dedicated Committees:

Our Board utilises mandatory and additional committees to ensure comprehensive oversight across all critical areas of governance. The newly established Investment and Development Committee specifically assists in executing growth strategies and expanding our business operations.

By prioritising and practising robust corporate governance, we strive to build a sustainable and successful future for Tomypak Holdings Berhad and all our stakeholders.

Sustainability is Vital to Our Everyday Life and Business.

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