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Quality Assurance and Quality Control
Research and Development


Food Safety

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Our products represent an integral part of the FMCG supply chain, we understand the critical importance of product quality and its effect on consumer safety. Therefore, we have undertaken significant measures and investments to ensure our end consumer are protected

  • Complies with Global Food Safety, i.e., FDA, EU regulations, and other food acts.
  • In line camera inspection to detect foreign matters.
  • Defines a procedure that reflects personal hygiene standards for all personnel to ensure the handling of products during processing.

QAQC Department

Consist of well qualified experience staff including, Technical Quality Manager, QC Chemists, QC Supervisors, QC Inspectors. Daily Quality Checking for:

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Incoming Raw Materials

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In-process Materials

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Outgoing Finished Goods



Weighing Balance

To measure GSM of sample

Friction Tester

To measure Coefficient of Friction of the material

Hot Tack Tester

To measure sealing properties of material

Universal Tensile Tester

To measure mechanical properties of the material

Permatran-W 2 Cells

To measure water vapor transmission rate of the material

Ox-Tran 2 Cells

To measure oxygen transmission rate of the material

Digital Thickness Gauge

To check thickness of film and laminated material

Gas Chromatography

To measure solvent retention of printed and laminated film

Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

To analyze material composition


To ensure that each product consistently exhibits the desired qualities and specifications


To ensure reliable detection of COVID-19 in samples processed

Bond Strength

To measure oxygen transmission rate of the material

Seal Strength

Ensure every seal maintains a consistent and optimal level of adhesion


Ensure each packaging solution provides an impermeable barrier to oxygen and moisture


Ensure each product remains free from undesired or off-putting odours

Metal Adhesion

Ensuring adhesives used in assemblies to metal surfaces are consistent, strong, and durable

Haze Meter

To measure the transmittance and haze of the film

Karl Fischer

To measure the water content in solvents

Melt Flow Index

To measure melt flow rate of resin

Compression Test

To verify the strength of paper spools

Quality Control

Daily Testing

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  • Appearance
  • Barrier for Oxygen and Moisture
  • Bond Strength
  • Coefficient of Friction
  • Corona
  • Hot Tack
  • GSM (Grams per Square Meter)
  • Metal Adhesion
  • Odour
  • Seal Strength
  • Solvent Retention
  • Tensile
  • Thickness

We believe in fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and growth.

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Our innovation is embedded into our core value as we believe it is key to sustained success. Focusing on creating better solution to tackle emerging new challenges, efforts and investments are strategically placed to ensure we meet customers and consumers everchanging demands.

Strive to improve our environmental impact while meeting customers’ needs, efforts are taken in designing flexible packaging solutions aiming for life cycle in circular economy. These solutions are designed to be eco-friendly with reduced carbon footprint while still achieving the mechanical properties and barrier performance, without compromising food safety.

Our development efforts in support of circular economy within consumer packaging category:

  1. Design for Recycle Packaging
    1. High Barrier Performance Transparent Packaging
    2. Superior Metallizing Technology Packaging
  2. Responsibly Sourced Fibre Based Packaging
    1. High Performance Fibre Packaging
    2. Heavy Weight Application Fibre Packaging



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